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Some time ago we've been working on the promotion of our debut album CENTURIES OF LIES, with important events such as carrying out our first tour during the first half of this year. - As a group we have been working hard on new music, which is why today we announce our second album titled THIS DARKNESS FEELS ALIVE, a record that will contain lots of surprises for y'all. The album is being produced by our great friend Pancho Arenas, a renowned national producer who has worked with bands such as Recrucide, Exxocet, Austral, among others. - We are recording under the highest quality standards, tracking in Estudio del Sur during the month of August, legendary for being one of the best studios in the country and that has seen the birth of works of the most relevant Chilean bands. - We'll announce upcoming live dates and news regarding the new material, which will be available during the first half of 2020. We thank everyone who has made this record possible, Ignacio Esteban Portales, Wernher Schurmann, Aiol Rodriguez, Oxygen Productions, Luva Shneider Strovosky, Rodrigo Ændrés, Anthony Medaglia. - Listen to our first album on all digital platforms and find out all the news in the following links: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Spotify: Web:

Watch AFTERMATH at the following link:

Ph: Sebastián Domínguez

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