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The revolutionary young band from Santiago/Boston has been resurrecting the raw strength and sounds of classic metal while showcasing their talent, passion, and energy from their Latin American roots. They are known for their powerful social commentary and outstanding musical excellence. The group was founded in early 2014 by drummer Agustin Lobo and guitarist Matias Bahamondes. Yoav Ruiz-Feingold (Atheist, Graviton, Till The Dirt) joined as singer in late 2017, while bassist Matias Salas joined in 2022.


They’ve not stopped working since the release of their debut album, Centuries of Lies (2018), that established a strong social criticism mixed with the fury of progressive thrash. They had five home country tours, going through several lineup changes and receiving a great deal of attention from both domestic and foreign media. They wrote and recorded their second album in a few months after the publication of their first LP, thanks to their rigorous work ethic. 


Their second album This Darkness Feels Alive, was recently reissued via WormholeDeath Worldwide. Along with a brutal assault of authentic, raw death metal, the record delves into the depths of the human psyche. After this record won the Pulsar Award for "Best Metal Artist" in 2022, the band was able to travel internationally and open for other well-known acts in the genre. In 2024, they've scheduled a tour over Brazil in addition to producing their third album. 

Overtoun Metal Band
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