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Feel the brutality of AFTERMATH, last video of OVERTOUN

In August 8th, The Chilean band OVERTOUN released a new music video of their song AFTERMATH, track from their first studio album CENTURIES OF LIES, available on their YouTube channel.

After an intense process lived during the month of April, where a Chilean mini tour was carried out together with a series of workshops offered to young students, the group formed by Yoav Ruiz-Feingold, Matias Bahamondes, Agustin Lobo and Guillermo Rocha, also worked on the production of a promotional video. On this occasion, they focused on showing one of the most aggressive songs on their album, with a dark atmosphere where the performers are responsible for transmitting the brutality inherent in their music.

AFTERMATH talks about the disasters that remain after war, where the peaceful life of the people is corrupted, leaving innocent victims who are sunk in suffering. This mourning is evidenced through a black and white image, showcasing the general concept of both the song and the album as a whole.

Currently, the group is working on the songwriting of their next album, also continuing the promotion of their debut released last December.

This video was produced and directed by videographer Rodrigo Toro Fernandez, in addition to the musical production of guitarist Matías Bahamondes and the mastering work of Pancho Arenas (Recrucide, All Tomorrows, GEN, Austral, Exxocet). The band has also a video of their song FORSAKEN LAMBS, in addition to their full album on all digital platforms. You can also get the physical CD through their official social media accounts.

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