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We're very proud and honored to be chosen by our new friends from METAL HAMMER PORTUGAL and DW UNDERGROUND SUPPORT to be part of their latest sampler albums!

These compilations include the work of fabulous bands and musicians that are creating a fresh Metal scene... and we are really happy to contribute to that. In both CD's we are featured with our song FORSAKEN LAMBS, that has been heard by many of you. We owe everything to our audience and everyone that has supported us since the release of CENTURIES OF LIES. Without you this couldn't be possible!!

Check out these compilations here:

We will have very limited copies of the METAL HAMMER digipack sampler in a near future. In the meantime check out our music on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and every major digital platform, also we have our merch available on

For those who are wondering... we are still working in our second album THIS DARKNESS FEELS ALIVE, and hoping that everything goes well in the world so we can fly over to BRAZIL to blast you up with some riffs. We have more tours in mind but unfortunately we'll have to wait for the pandemic to slow down.

We hope that EVERYONE of you is still healthy and strong

See ya on the road


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